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I don't know how many of you have seen the documentaries "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills" and the sequel "Paradies Lost: Revelations" but I'll give you some backstory.

In 1993, three 8-year old boys were found brutally murdered in a small town in Arkansas. The police had no leads, the scene was on a riverbank and had been washed virtually free of any blood or evidence. They had nothing to go on.
In this town lived a developmentally challeneged boy who was 17, Jessie Misskelley, was given an un-recorded interview without a lawyer or his parents, in which he ended up giving a false confession. This led to the arrest of 16-year old Jason Baldwin and 18-year old Damien Echols.

The only slightest shred of proof the cops had (aside from a coerced statement from a mentally challenged minor) was that Damien wore black all the time, listened to heavy metal, liked reading Stephen King and Anne Rice, and had at one point studied Wicca. The only shred of proof they had on Jason Baldwin was that he and Damien Echols were best friends, and Jason also liked heavy metal.

The three were convicted entirely on these grounds, despite a great deal of proof that it was physically not possible any of the three could have been involved in the case in any possible way.

Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin are serving life sentences while Damien Echols continues to sit on death row.
Time is running our for three innocent boys....now adult men.....who have spent more than half of their lives in prison for a crime they did NOT commit.
Please go to http://www.wm3.org and see for yourselves. Help if you can.
Even if you're low on cash, all three men have Amazon.com wishlists and you can always jusr send a book, a letter.....something.
I don't normally use my LJ as a soapbox but this case is something that has meant a lot to me for several years and I thought that spreading the word was at least something I could do that would mean more than sending some books or writing them some letters.

Thank you.


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